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Colloidal silver is a powerful germicide. While most antibiotics and antiseptics are effective against about a half dozen disease-causing organisms (germs, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and some viruses), colloidal silver is effective against over 650 harmful organisms, and is among the strongest treatments available, useful in everything from treating skin burns to eczema treatment. Colloidal silver has been proven to help with a multitude of afflictions. Those individuals seeking natural sinus remedies or yeast infection treatment, not to mention treating pneumonia and hepatitis C treatments are surprised at the amazing results. Completely non-toxic to living tissue, colloidal silver can be used for bladder infection and acne treatments, as well as in cases of impetigo and Candida treatment

Colloidal silver is the safest and best all around natural antibiotic germ fighter. Since it kills disease causing bacteria, fungi and viruses within a few minutes of contact, but leaves unharmed the "friendly" bacteria, many people take it internally daily as an immune system boost.

Traditional antibiotics continue to lose their ability to kill certain strains of bacteria. Nearly every disease causing organism known has become resistant to one or more antibiotics. Scientists know that the more an antibiotic is used, the quicker it tends to become useless due to bacterial resistance. On the other hand, microbes cannot develop resistance to colloidal silver as they can to traditional antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver Has Successfully Treated The Following:

Acne Diplococcus Influenza Menier's Symptoms Shingles
Anthrax Ear Infection Nasal Catarrh Sinus Infection
Appendicitis Eczema Ophthalmology Soft Sores
Athletes' foot Enlarged Prostate Para-Typhoid Sprue
B Cell Dysentery Eustachian Tubes Pets Staphylococci
Bladder Infections Eye Infection Plants Streptococcus
Blind Boils Gonorrhoea Pneumococci Sunburn
Burns Haemorrhoids Pneumonia Syphilis
Candida Albicans Hepatitis C Polio Virus Throat Infection
Cholera HIV/AIDS Pyorrhoea Tonsillitis
Colds & Flu Impetigo Rheumatism Tuberculosis
Colitis Infections Rhinitis Typhoid
Cystitis Influenza Ringworm Warts
Dermatitis Intestinal Trouble Salmonella Whooping Cough
Diabetes Leionella Scarlatina Yeast Infection
Diarrhoea Lesions Sepsis
Diphtheria Malaria Septic Ulcers


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