About Us

Hi! Welcome to our website! My Name is Colleen Kelly.

After my retirement in 1998, I decided that I wanted to assist other folks my age on social security that can't afford the high cost of this amazing product. It then became my mission to produce this product and keep the cost as low as possible so more folks, young and old, could afford to protect their health.

Over the years, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have become involved in the business. Now one of my girls and her husband have decided they want to dedicate themselves to the business and it is grand news to me as they share in my beliefs of goodwill, fair prices and the production of a quality product. That means when the time is right, I can pass this mission on to a dedicated team.


Your ideas for its use can only be limited by your imagination.

I am not a doctor; therefore, this information should not be considered medical advice. I can only testify to my own personal experiences, opinion and research.

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